Kelly Rauch is the founder and owner of Local Anywhere LLC. Kelly has always had a passion for supporting local and small-medium sized businesses. With over six years of experience working in marketing for non-profit and corporate organizations, Kelly decided to branch out on her own in 2015 and create a company that can support businesses that she really believes in. 

Prior to Local Anywhere, Kelly worked as an event director and marketing coordinator for both small and large companies. She created a Young Professionals networking group, led over 100 successful events, and helped grow businesses' social media and marketing reach. 

Kelly is a new mom, a big advocate for animal rights, loves red wine, IPAs, and Buckeye Vodka, plays golf whenever she can, teaches cycling classes, and enjoys spending time with her husband, toddler, and dog in Powell, Ohio. 


Kind of. While much of the work is handled by me (Kelly), I do work with a lot of freelancers, contractors, and other agency owners to collaborate. Each project is different and I have a good team of resources to utilize when necessary.

“Wait, it’s just a 1-person agency?”